When declutting goes horribly wrong

What a weekend! My in-laws, who were scheduled to arrive Sunday evening, texted me and said they were arrive midday on Saturday. I spent 6+ hours getting the house guest-ready on Friday. In the process, I must have tweaked my right hand somehow because it started throbbing towards the end of the day. Working kept calling me on my day off because of some complicated issue that came up. My son arrived home from school with visible ringworm infections all over his body and my daughter’s left eye was swollen. All of that, I kid you not!

But that was not the worst of it. My husband comes home and we get into a horrible argument. It started out about where was the ringworm cream and ended with him accusing me of throwing away important things for no reason and blamed me for the house not staying clean. I was so pissed that I took all of his random stuff/papers and dumped it in the living room so he can see how much shit he owns! I decided to cool off in the garage where I go to center myself.

After an hour or so of “garage meditation”, I realized so much more was at play in our argument than his stuff and my decluttering.  I have a general dislike of our home. I’m trying to declutter to love it again, but I just really don’t enjoy living here. In the meantime, my husband was annoyed that I may or may not have thrown out  an important paper of his (I swear I didn’t though).  Mix in the stress of in-laws, sick kids and work drama, you get Friday’s fiasco. We both apologized eventually and I helped him clean up his stuff and look for his important paper. No luck, but he thanked me for getting the house ready for his parents. Finally when they arrived, my in-laws literally had a carload full of presents and things for us.

I am ready to throw in the towel, give up attempts at loving this small house and buy a better house for all the clutter I will never get rid of! Ugh!


6 thoughts on “When declutting goes horribly wrong

  1. I’m exhausted for you!
    Good luck with the sick kiddos! That’s a rough start to the weekend.

    Our home is larger than we need but still felt small until last year when I discovered the Marie kondo book/ method. It helped a surprising amount!

    It’s a bit of a process and I totally adjusted it (which is against the rules) to suit me but I did stay true to the main precept. I blogged about it a bit but would be happy to share more if you were interested.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’ve been reading through some of your post. I’m curious if you have any tips on convincing other family members to get on board! 🙂 That’s my current struggle.


  2. I feel for you, it can feel like you are going backwards. I find things in my house and I have no idea how they got inside! My lovely husband is a hoarder and we have an agreement that he can keep all his stuff in the garage and I won’t touch it. Not perfect but we find it is good comprise – perhaps there is a room/space in your house where you could do the same? I also long for a bigger home but I think we’d just fill it up with more ‘stuff’ and not convinced it would make us happy, and would require more time to clean it!

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  3. I feel your pain! Wow that sounds like a rough day! I’m glad that things calmed down — hang in there with the decluttering. Last year I did Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, and I felt soooooo much better about my little house afterward. Now I’m doing KonMari and it’s great so far, but I’ve had to promise myself and my household I’ll leave other people’s stuff alone, unless they don’t clean it up in which case it’s fair game. That frees me from worrying about the kiddo’s bedroom or the SO’s office. 😀

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