Stop Buying Stuff: “Cheat Day”

On my list of items that I can buy are shoes. I knew TOMS shoes was having a warehouse
sale this month and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to resist buying discounted shoes. Years ago, I decided to run a marathon for charity. Well, training for it did a number on my feet and technically I am supposed to wear insoles! I decided that I’m way too young for that and TOMS shoes somehow support my messed up feet in a way most shoes don’t. If you ever run into me, chances are I’ll be wearing TOMS.

I told myself that I only needed one black and one brown pair to replace the two shoes I had that were literally falling apart with holes and all! The good news is that I only brought black and brown shoes! Sadly, they had so many cute pairs that I couldn’t just get one of each! I ended up with five pairs for me. My daughter picked up some shoes making our total 7 pairs. As soon as we got home, I told her that we needed to find the same number of shoes we purchased to give away, donate or throw out. She quickly came up with 4 she didn’t like anymore or that didn’t fit her. I had a harder time myself only finding 3. Luckily the total came to 7 so it all worked out!

Now that this cheat day is done, no more shoe buying for March and April!


6 thoughts on “Stop Buying Stuff: “Cheat Day”

  1. I love me some TOMS. 😉 Zulily had them a little while ago and I got some for my daughter – she’s in love with the fuschia sparkly pair.

    P.S. I just put up a post that references the question you asked on my last post. Thanks for inspiring the post! 🙂

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