Weekend Review

How did I do on my weekend mini goals? Pretty good, I’ll say.

  1. Find my fitbit charger! Found!
  2. Return the new fitbit charger I brought wandering target the other day! Returned!
  3. Return as much as I can of the crap I brought the other day at Target. Mostly. My daughter fell in love with some of the clothes and I actually need some of the cables. I did find some other items in my house that I could return totaling $107 back in our wallets.
  4. Attempt to cancel the Amazon book order and see if I can purchase the one book I need through my local Barnes and Noble. Mostly failed! Apparently Amazon has already shipped most of my items, but I was able to cancel some. My final purchase was $49.44 which is about 1/2 of what I was going to spend.
  5. Make a mini principle-only payment to my mortgage to get me motivated. Made! I’ll post more on this payment soon.
  6. Set a date for the budget meeting with the hubby. Mostly failed! For various reasons, this discussion went haywire. Also will post on this later.
  7. Declutter the kids toys! Done! We took 3 bags to our local consignment store, donated 2 boxes to Goodwill and threw out about 2 bags worth. In the end, most of the consignment stuff when to charity, but we did make $12.00. (I’m totally okay with that) I still have some organizing to do, but mission complete!

How did your weekend go? Were you productive?


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