Challenging Myself

I have been looking through blogs and searching the internet for different decluttering/minimalism challenges I could do to make my cleaning efforts more exciting. Some of the interesting ones I’ve found include 3o bags in 30 days, the minimalism game and of course the KonMari Method. While I probably need to do all of these, the root cause of my issues just dawned on me.

As I was sorting through what seemed like a million colored pencils, pens and markers, I commented to my husband, “We don’t need to buy the kids anymore toys until October!” (my daughter’s birthday). His response was, “Don’t tell me. Tell yourself! You just brought stuff a few days ago!” He was right. I buy a lot of crap. I don’t claim to be a frugal person, but I am budget conscious. I don’t buy things we cannot afford, but still I buy stuff we don’t need.

I decided what I need to do is just stop buying stuff. For the rest of March and April (56 days), I want to see if I can stop bring stuff into our home. This challenge is less about money and saving, but it should reduce spending as a nice side benefit. Obviously I’ll need to buy some items, so here are the rules I am planning to follow:

  1. Cannot buy at all/have too much in my house already: toys, clothes for myself or my daughter, hair products, makeup or books.
  2. Can buy: food (of course), spring clothes for my son (I know he actually needs some), items for others (gifts, etc)
  3. Can replace if/when needed: shoes, household item and health items (keyword here being need!)

What do you guys think? Anything else I should add to any of these categories?



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