Doing Better!

Since my previous post, I have gained some common sense! I decided to really focus on the decluttering challenge to not only help me love our home, but to start leading a minimalistic lifestyle. Hopefully the less I believe I need, the less I will find myself buying! I set some mini-goals for myself for the weekend.

  1. Find my fitbit charger! I know I have one somewhere and there is no need to buy another when I have a perfectly good one somewhere in my house!
  2. Return the new fitbit charger I brought wandering target the other day since I will no longer need it!
  3. Actually return as much as I can of the crap I brought the other day at Target because I don’t need any of those items.
  4. Attempt to cancel the Amazon book order and see if I can purchase the one book I need free shipping through my local Barnes and Noble.
  5. Make a mini principle-only payment to my mortgage to get me motivated.
  6. Set a date for the budget meeting with the hubby.
  7. Declutter the kids toys! (pics from midpoint of the toy madness. I made it out alive!)

What are your weekend plans?


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