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INAG (I need a goal)

Yesterday I found myself at Target. I went in to pick up a $5 prescription for my son and left with $140 worth of other things. I knew I was in the mood to shop (having extra time on my hands, nothing that needed to be purchased and feeling a bit down). As I was driving, I told myself that I need to change my pharmacy to one that isn’t attached to Target! Actually, our insurance always sends me nasty grams reminding me that Target is not the preferred vendor for our medicinal needs. I ignore because I love my pharmacy. My poor son has multiple medications at any given time and they know us well! I walk up and they practically hand me his meds.

So instead of leaving with just the medicine, I decide to start wandering the store. Rookie mistake! First, I pick up three shirts and two pants for my daughter. Then my son sees a Dr. Seuss book he *has* to get. I make my way over to electronics and start picking up random cords: a 25 ft cable cord, an HDMI cable and a fitbit cord. Later on, I remembered that my mother-in-law who is visiting asked for a book for her birthday. So, I found myself browsing, my second favorite “store” to get free shipping. Instead of a $15 book with $6 shipping, I ended up spending $105 worth books!

This is ridiculous! I simply have goals that I am not focused on achieving. Ernie from <a href=””>Purple Sweatpants</a> sent me a link to a great <a href=”;; target=”_blank”>video</a> about why you need a goal. I really do need to take one of my goals and start really working on it! Because clearly what I am doing now isn’t working! Boo!


8 thoughts on “INAG (I need a goal)

  1. Oh I empathise, Target is my weakness too, I’m always ‘picking up’ extra things especially for the kids. They have a good returns policy (at least here in Australia) and I sometimes say to myself, I can buy it because I can take it back (but hardly ever do).
    Totally agree on having goals – it does make you stop and think.

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  2. You guys should check out the following article by Joshua Becker, talking about the perils of “good” return policies…hint, hint…they’re not for your benefit! 8-|

    I am sorry, though, to hear that you had an upsetting day at Target. While I personally hate Target (I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan so I love red…but Target is to the extreme and kinda makes me wanna puke…lol,) I have definitely experienced this so I’m on the empathy wagon, as well!

    These things happen; that’s life. You just have to not beat yourself up about it and resolve to “be better” next time. Focus on your goals but realize you have to cut yourself some slack sometimes. It’s all about finding balance…I have an upcoming post, to-be-titled “Guiltless Pleasures (part 2)” about this very idea scheduled for next Wednesday the 9th. I hope you check it out and find it meaningful for your situation, as well. And if you do, please be sure to let me know what you think! đŸ™‚

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    1. Interesting read on returns! I have can return up to 90 days but I rarely do! Usually if I return something it’s within a week. Great points about the longer we hold on to something, the more likely we aren’t going to return it at all! I need to get back to Target assp then!

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      1. lol…it’s true. Coincidentally, my wife and I were discussing just today a faucet extender that we bought for our son to wash his hands more effectively. We ordered it from Amazon and she made the comment that if it didn’t work right, that we could return it. We both sorta laughed at the same time and said “no we won’t.” Most of the time, it’s more of a P.I.T.A to return something than it’s actually worth, especially when you factor in your time-value of actually doing it.

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  3. Isn’t it crazy how much we find ourselves changing when we start paying attention to specific areas of our lives? I often look back at financial decisions I’ve made over the years and cringe…but those same decisions were also a point of growth for me. I’m sure at the end of 2016 you’ll look back and be amazed at how differently you think about and manage your finances. Here’s to one step at a time! Happy Friday.

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  4. Oh my goodness, Target coming to Canada was the best thing to happen to me, and Target pulling out of Canada was the second best. They have such good prices, but they have so many awesome, unique things that make it so easy to impulse buy! I always miss it when I want affordable clothes and home decor but I think my bank account is ultimately grateful.

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  5. Oh man I know this pain! I do most of my grocery shopping at Target, having done cost comparisons and found that overall I save money on my grocery budget. BUT! It’s taken a huge amount of practice to just go straight to the food, not wander through housewares, not decide I “need” a new whatever-it-is just because it’s on sale. That place is dangerous! Maybe changing pharmacies is a good plan . . . I wonder if you could just go to a convenient in-network pharmacy and have a conversation with the head pharmacist there, to help them get to know you and your family’s needs?

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