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A Costly Lesson

My daughter received her red belt in ATA Taekwondo last week. She’s been practicing this art since she was 7 years old and used to love it. Now, not so much. It’s a struggle to get her to go to her lessons. Personally, I am over the time commitment (2-3x a week) and am especially over the $175 we pay a month! This easily could be a way to save money so that we can max out my husband’s 401K.

So, why haven’t I stopped it? She is 8 months away from getting a “black” belt. Not that I think black belts should by obtained in less than 3 years of doing a martial art (that’s another story!), nor do I think a black belt will really help her in any of her future goals. But I feel like the lesson of making a goal and sticking with it is an important lesson for young children. This lesson will cost me $1,600 between monthly fees and graduation.

I am curious what your thoughts are! Should I have her stick it out or let it go?


5 thoughts on “A Costly Lesson

  1. Stuff like this is always a tough call. I can see where the struggle is – obtaining a black belt is a huge achievement, but is it worth it if your daughter doesn’t love it anymore? Plus, you’re spending all that money on it. If your daughter drops out can she pick up where she left off if she rediscovers her passion for taekwondo in the future?

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  2. Do you think your daughter would be really proud of herself for getting the black belt, regardless of how she feels in the moment about practicing? It sounds like you’d already been planning on spending the $1600, but her lack of interest is what’s making you rethink. It’s a big chunk of money for sure. I can imagine, though, she’d take pleasure in her 30s being able to say, “yeah, I have a black belt in taekwondo!” And as you say, she’d be more likely to pick it up again at some later date, if she feels like she accomplished a big goal. You can tell her when she’s an adult that she owes her parents a nice vacation, to make up for the loss in the 401(k). (Kidding!)

    Just my 2 cents … I never find myself thinking, “I wish my parents hadn’t made me stick with X,” but there are a handful of things I wish they had made me stick with.

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  3. I love the idea of vacation when we are older! 🙂 I think she would be extremely proud of herself upon completion. It’s her lack of interest coupled with trying to find extra money in our budget as well. Maybe we’ll stop over the summer.


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