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Random weekend thoughts

In my last post, I outlined five goals I plan to work towards. I was itching to get started on something, so I tackled the one that requires no money: decluttering. Over the course of four days, I organized and cleaned the majority of our home! While it sounds like a tremendous feat, I ended up putting a lot of stray items into closets to be dealt with later. In the next two weekends, I hope to take on the two closets and the kitchen. The rest of the house is done and it feels great! While I cannot say I’ve found a new love for our home, it does feel good to know where everything is and have a place that everything goes.

I also did some grocery shopping and tried to meal plan. One of the areas that I know we can cut back on is eating out and food related expenses. I typically budget around $700 for the month for groceries for four which includes the vegan, gluten free items I have to buy for my son. I also budget $300 for my husband’s daily lunches. Over the last 10+ years of our marriage, I have tried to convince him to brown bag it or eat at cheaper places. He has made eating out a priority for him (something about the culture of where he works). Its painful to have to budget, but we both have agreed on him having “luxury” expense. Last month we spent $200 over our budgeted amount on groceries. We’ve spent $207 on March food expenses buying the bulk of groceries this weekend.

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Random weekend thoughts

  1. I’m having trouble meeting our grocery expenses too! I know food items have been on the rise and things don’t seem to be going on sale for as cheap as they used to, but I really should be able to feed 2 people on $60/week! I think I just like good food too much 😦

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  2. I’m one of the few people at work who brings my lunch but I still persist! I think it is healthier too. I read an idea to declutter one room/area each month (so you have 12 rooms or zones – my house isn’t that big!), and put a reminder to do it each year. I find that approach not so overwhelming but part of my routine. Good luck with it.

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