Too Numerous to Count

Do you remember the Destiny’s Child song, “Independent Women“? In my 20s, it was my theme song. I would drive around in my Hyundai singing, “The car I’m driving
I’ve bought it! I depend on me!” 
Until one day, my uber religious friend made a comment, “You might think you depend on only yourself, but we are all depending on God” At first, her comment annoyed the crap out of me. However, the more I started reflecting on my life, the more I realized how much good happened that was really out of my control. Call it fate, a higher power or luck, I am definitely not in the position I am in today from just my own strength and determination. My blessings are too numerous to count! Everyday, I wake up to blessings of health, family and love. I try to keep a grateful heart. Here are just a few blessings I have received that has helped my financial situation:

Blessing #1 – College was free. My parents had no money and a million kids; my financial aid package reflected these facts. I attended undergraduate at a private university on a random scholarship and tons of financial aid. I graduated with about $3K of debt which I pay off during my first year out of college.  

Blessing #2 – Graduate school was cheap. I wanted to go to Columbia University for my masters. I ended up at an out of state college, majoring in “saving the world” which I decided immediately that I hated. Because I knew my masters degree was crap and debt sucked, I did what I could to reduce the cost as much as possible. However, I was blessed to get a graduate assistant position that allowed me to pay in-state tuition, earn money and take as few loans as I could. Several times, I actually returned unused money at the end of the semester!

Blessing #3 – My husband! I met the hubby at the crappy state school (got my MRS degree!!) When our relationship hit 6 months, I finally understood why people fall in love and get married. He is an incredible father, loving husband and truly the best thing that ever happened to me. Aside from that, he had no debt! Not student loans, car notes, credit cards. NOTHING! Now that’s a blessing!

What blessings have helped your financial situation?


2 thoughts on “Too Numerous to Count

  1. I wish I had the foresight that you had to not graduate school with any student loan debt. Congrats to you and your stellar success. Gratitude is so important. There is always someone else in a worse situation.

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